5 Key Steps in My Process


Who is your customer? What is their end goal and how can you help them achieve this? All these factors and more I will find to understand your target audience and determine the best course of action to attract leads and conversions.

Brand & Base

Your Brand is your logo, your story, your mission, your artwork. Your Base is your website. Use your website as a base of operations, showcasing your brand, providing information and product/service solutions for your customers, as well as collecting important customer details to develop and understand your target audience. I will help you create your Brand and build your Base.


What is your end goal and how can I help you achieve this? It’s time to build a strategy with marketing tools, advertising networks and tried-and-true techniques. Whether you are aiming to generate online sales, encourage visitors to your physical storefront, engage in communication, or other, it is essential for your business to plan a feasible strategy to reach these goals.


To understand how strong your strategy is and how you can scale it you must have measurability. The results and costs of your strategy need to be analysed to discover how much a customer is worth to you and how much you are able to spend to obtain your customers.

Rinse & Repeat

I can effectively execute your successful marketing strategy over and over, improving your audience targeting, tinkering and testing to stay up to date with the ever-changing online marketplace. Continually providing you with measurable and scalable results.