SiteGround Website Hosting Review #1 Voted Host! Recommended by WordPress! [2019]


Top speed and performance: Notorious for fast loading websites and quick server response time all over the world. Important search engine ranking factor.
Recommended by top CMS platforms: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal have recommended them on their websites.
Free Migration service. Free Let’s Encrypt SSL. Free daily backups.
Incredible customer service, available 24/7. Option to call or online chat for instant support, or you can submit tickets with <10 minute response time.
Automatic updates and optimisation: your server and WordPress installation is always up to date with the latest technology and security.


While the signup prices are competitive and discounted, the renewal prices are not the cheapest available.


SiteGround is a reliable host provider with extremely impressive features and an even more impressive show of gratitude from their customers.

They’re notorious for their excellent performance, consistently fast website speeds, stellar service and unique optimisation features. I love SiteGround and I’m happy to shout it from the rooftops!

Let me share with you the long list of reasons you should consider hosting your business with SiteGround…

SiteGround is my No.1 Host Provider

Why do I recommend SiteGround?

  1. They’re recommended by WordPress – no brainer!
  2. Their affordable GoGeek plan is a semi-dedicated hosted solution, offering 4 times more server resources than shared hosting.
  3. They use top speed technologies, listed on their website.
  4. They use the latest PHP – you can check your version with this plugin.
  5. They use http/2 servers – you can check your server here.
  6. Let’s Encrypt SSL included for FREE – usually costs more at other hosts.
  7. Website performance reports are great – happy clients!
  8. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime – I usually get 100% uptime.
  9. Automatic daily backups.
  10. Automatic WordPress updates.
  11. cPanel and Account Login Area is very easy to use.
  12. I can contact them 24/7.
  13. Any support ticket I’ve submitted has been answered in <10 minutes and resolved swiftly. To be honest, I haven’t needed to request support for quite a while as I’ve had no issues to report!
  14. Their SG Optimizer – optimising page speed is a breeze! You don’t need an additional caching plugin – win!
  15. One Click testing environments for development, saving time better spent on growing my business and providing ROI to my clients!
  16. FREE professional website migrations and domain transfers with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Try SiteGround Hosting

Not convinced? Need (social) proof? Continue on for real testimonies…

  • #1 in Facebook Polls
  • So much love on Twitter
  • Client Case Study – Why my clients use SiteGround
  • Improved Load Times – Real Before & Afters
  • They’re recommended by WordPress
  • They’re recommended by other CMS
  • #1 in hosting comparison reviews around the web
  • 5 star reviews from industry professionals

#1 in Facebook Polls

So much love on twitter!

People are so happy with their service they are taking to twitter to share the bliss!

Client Case Study – Why my clients use SiteGround:

My client was noticing their organic Google rankings slowly deteriorating, so we worked on their SEO from a content perspective first and made a few coding updates. Despite many attempts, the slow server responses and lack of SSL with the existing host provider was a stubborn roadblock and we couldn’t get any improvements in performance (page speed) and best practices. I recommended moving to SiteGround after seeing great success with other clients, and they were happy to try it.

Less than ideal scores with the Old Host Provider:

Case Study: A Client upgrades to SiteGround and improves their website performance

Immediate improvement after migrating to SiteGround:

Case Study: A Client upgrades to SiteGround and improves their website performance

Further improvement with SSL & SG Optimiser:

Case Study: A Client upgrades to SiteGround and improves their website performance

As soon as the site migration occurred, the performance score increased significantly. Then we implemented SiteGround’s free SSL product and installed their SG Optimiser and the final scores were fantastic!

Improve your website performance today with SiteGround Hosting

Improved Load Times – Real Testimonials:

People who have migrated to SiteGround have seen significant improvements – enough improvement to want to brag about their results. These are some happy customers…

Improve your website speed with SiteGround Hosting

They’re recommended by WordPress!

SiteGround are officially recommended by – the most popular, community-driven sitebuilding software worldwide. This is a screenshot from

SiteGround Hosting recommended by
Host your WordPress website with SiteGround

They’re recommended by Other CMS!

Recommended by Joomla

Check out this screen shot from their website:

Joomla recommending SiteGround as the best host provider for their CMS.

See their entire blog post on why SiteGround is so good for Joomla.

Recommended by Drupal

Check out this screen shot from their website:

Drupal CMS recommending SiteGround as a preferred host provider.

#1 in Hosting Comparisons

SiteGround no.1 host provider recommended by Bitcatcha

#1 Host for Australia

Recommended on BitCatcha

#1 rated for Australia

Recommended on Mango Matter

SiteGround top NPS score

#1 Net Promotor Score

Top NPS for popular WordPress hosting companies – most likely to be recommended.

Migrate to the #1 rated host SiteGround

5 Star Reviews from Industry Professionals

SiteGround 5 Star review by Online Media Masters
Siteground 5 Star Review from Hosting Advice
SiteGround 5 Star Review from WP Dev Shed
Another 5 Star Review for SiteGround from Make a Website Hub
5 Star review from Is It WP
5 star review from Blogger 2 WP
Host your website with a 5 star host: Purchase SiteGround Hosting

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